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Sandersons of London

We manufactured and installed the original signage for Sandersons London in 2014.Sandersons rebranded but didn’t want the huge expense of all brand new signage. Cleverly, the main change was the colour way so Bolton Sign was able to remove the previous signage, we popped up a banner in it's place and brought everything including the awning back to our workshop.Since the tray was aluminium we were able to sand it down and repaint to this beautiful deep blue as we have our own in house wet spray booth and expert painters. The Xperse letters were in perfect condition, so they were saved and repurposed. The awning canvas was replaced by our friends at Coverlight who did an amazing job hand painting the logo.New window vinyl's and 5mm acrylic letters painted red to match the specified Pantone were face fixed to the glass for an added detail.Refurbishing this particular sign saved thousands for the client.