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When you hear the phrase "it's the Rolls-Royce of..." you know that whatever is being discussed is the best of that particular type of thing.

Bolton Sign ®️ make 'the Rolls-Royce of Signage', both figuratively and literally - we are the preferred supplier for Rolls-Royce's entire international signage requirements, on both newly-built and existing facilities.

From factories to test centres, offices and warehouses, Bolton Sign ®️ manufactures, supplies and installs all signage for this global engineering giant.

Bolton Sign ®️ went through a rigorous and intensive supplier evaluation process and in January 2000 we finally won 'preferred supplier' status for the group. We have completed so many signage projects for Rolls-Royce, that to list them all would bore you. However, please view the gallery below which features a variety of the signage types that we have manufactured, supplied and installed onsite for Rolls-Royce both in the UK and Europe.