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Pharmacy LED Cross

Bolton Sign realised a huge gap in the UK market when we were approached by a regular client to do something a little different for a local pharmacy. You may have seen this style of sign while traveling around other European countries but for one reason or another they were never introduced to the UK.

Since this initial installation the response has been overwhelming positive and we are safe to predict these signs will be a huge hit in the UK.

This projection sign is a fully sealed unit IP54 rated with preprogrammed high quality super bright LED's.

The sign installed for Nash Pharmacy is just one of the many options available covering a range of sizes and styles. With a low energy consumption this unit requires just 75 watts of electricity, one of the main benefits of LED technology and we can guarantee for your new signage to turn heads and draw masses of attention to your shop front and with such a low running cost it would be a no brainer! To give an idea of size the external dimensions of this example are 1150 x 1050 x 150 mm. The display on this particular model pictured rotates through time, date and temperature with the perimeter LEDs programmed in a chasing and flashing sequence.

You can now watch a video of the signage installed and fully operational over on our Youtube channel.

Pharmacy cross signs can be supplied by Bolton Sign with styles starting from £559 +VAT (excluding delivery and installation).

Every pharmacy cross sign comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

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