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Want To Know More About Xperse?

Besides our passion for perfection and outstanding quality, Bolton Sign is most known for the sublime Xperse technology. 

However, before now we have never really given our product the attention it deserves... 

We are excited to finally launch a website dedicated to Xperse which we are really proud of, showcasing a selection of our favourite projects and case studies.

With this launch we have also re-specified Xperse to create a more 'bank balance friendly' variation, ideal for all interior applications with the same stunning perfectly even edge-to-edge illumination.

Employing 30mm solid block acrylic, years of development have enabled us to really perfect this style of lettering and illumination using the material to its full advantage to disperse the light evenly. 

Xperse ECO                                                 Xperse PremiumIP63                                                               IP6812mm minimum stroke width                        10mm minimum stroke widthAvailable in 3000K & 6500K                          A range of kelvin availableAluminium composite backs                          Resin encapsulated LED's3 year warranty                                              5 year warranty

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