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Signage Secrets - Paint & Colour

As a designer have you ever been totally frustrated, or had to literally go back to the drawing board because your client wanted to carry a colour all the way through a project and you’ve been told by the different contractors that they can’t match that colour for this reason or that.

Why does this happen? Very often it happens because the internal or external metal surfaces have been powder coated using RAL colours and then everything else needs to be matched to that but you can't find the right pantone reference. Another reason could be that different elements of the design are composed of different materials and again, you’re told that the same finish cannot be achieved across all of these mediums. Grrrr so frustrating!!

That will not happen if you’re using Bolton Sign….why? Because we can match any colour and produce a paint that can be applied to any surface: all metals, vinyls, plastics, wood, glass, literally anything.

Bolton Sign have their own paint mixing facility within their spray department (a little bit like the machines in B & Q). Our paint supplier offers a range of colours that can be matched to a vast number referencing systems including of Pantone, RAL or NCS. If a client wants a colour that isn’t on Lechler's reference system our technicians can mix a bespoke colour that is an exact match, specifically for each client. They are highly skilled and can also replicate the precise level of gloss or mat of the colour. Our technicians can achieve a number of creative finishes florescent, rust effect, metallic and textured.

For every client our technicians create a “spray out card” which is sprayed at the same time as the job and records the specific formula for mixing that particular shade and finish of paint. This way, if at any point a client needs to use that same colour again we will be able to duplicate it perfectly.

We often get asked how durable the finished product will be, when we respond, we can confidently compare it’s quality to that of the paint used on a high end car like a Porsche or a Bentley.

So next time you are faced with a paint or colour dilemma you know who to call.... If you would like any further details or advice please get in touch and one of our knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you.