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Project Of The Month - Cambourne Business Park

Situated to the west of Cambridge, close to the M11, Cambourne Business Park is an established, high quality business space set within beautiful landscaping. A thriving, productive environment that is home to a variety of successful companies.

This like minded community has a strong core in the "tech" sector, particularly software engineers, plus life science, recruitment, optics, travel and many more. So many more businesses are recognising just how much of an impact their surroundings have on the wellbeing of their staff. Cambourne Park not only provides this stunning space, it also offers an extensive range of amenities and events to create a strong work/life balance.Bolton Sign manufactured and installed 4 large totems, each comprising a heavy duty sub-frame, with laser fret cut Cor-Ten panels. Gloss black panels were fixed to the face with white cut vinyl detail  to create a striking design feature.

Cor-Ten is a high strength, low alloy, weldable structural steel that possesses excellent weather resistance and if chipped or damaged will repair itself giving continuity of appearance. Who'd have thought leaving these panels outside our workshop, exposed to the delightful Northern weather would be part of creating signage!!! But that's what we did for about three weeks, so that the protective oxide coating that forms to seal the surface, was the perfect shade of rust brown that the designers had requested.As you can see the finished result is an eclectic fusion of old and new, a great new fresh look and brand for the park.Feel free to get in touch with us should you want to discuss any of your clients requirements we will be happy to help with a solution to any of your design problems especially the weird and wonderful.