Surveys & Site Visits

Surveys & Site Visits

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Bolton Sign will always aim to carry out a full site survey of your property/ venue/ signage location, where and whenever possible, prior to you sending order confirmation. This ensures that we are manufacturing to the correct dimensions and gives us a good starting point from where we can assess your artwork and identify any potential issues or where alterations can be made.

An initial survey allows us to evaluate site conditions and pre-empt any potential issues such as accessibility, power supplies and groundwork conditions. It also gives us an opportunity to further understand the brand identity through any existing signage which may be available.

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The survey will usually be carried out by your Project Manager, but on occasion we may send our Installation Team Leader if the nature of the job requires additional expertise. Ideally this should be carried out as early on in the project’s development as possible.

If we are instructed by the client, we will work to measurements provided by third party sub-contractors. Towards the completion of your signage project, if needed, we can make time for a final survey and sign-off period to address any snagging issues that may arise during the course of the installation.

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