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Production & Materials

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Once approval of the artwork has been received by us, your Project Manager will raise a comprehensive works order which details all manufacturing processes for our highly skilled team of fabricators, welders, painters and electricians (if needed for illuminated signage).

Our aim is to manufacture as many components as possible in-house, which helps us to maintain and control the high quality standards that our clients demand. In order to manufacture the best possible products, we employ both traditional hand-crafting techniques along with new technologies in our manufacturing facility.

picture of an employee sanding a piece of aluminium profile

As a long-established UK manufacturer of bespoke signage, we can process an incredibly wide range of materials in order to develop the signage packages our clients want. The majority of our signage is made from CNC routed acrylic, fabricated aluminium or stainless steel, or a combination of these materials (aluminium built-up letters with acrylic faces for illumination). Some materials, such as rare woods or specialist acrylics (non-stock items) take longer to source which can increase our lead time. The earlier we can see your design, then the earlier we can start sourcing the materials for your project.

Don't know exactly what material is best for your project? Request a sample

a close up picture of a selection of material samples

The great thing about our knowledge of working with various materials is that we understand their individual technical properties, aesthetics and costs. If we know that you are trying to achieve a visually luxurious sign design, for example, by using real brass for your letters, but your budget doesn't allow for it, then we can offer a material alternative which can then have a brass-effect paint finish applied.

Speak to us about colour-matching paint finishes

picture of colour swatch for paint colour matching

Bolton Sign will carry out paint testing on request to ensure your project has the finish you require. Obviously, if it is not a standard paint finish we need to work on, then the more time we have to match it, the better finish we can achieve for the client.