Delivery & Logistics

Delivery & Logistics

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We pride ourselves on having the capability and experience to deliver your signage project across the world. Need a halo-illuminated set of letters sending to Saudi Arabia? Not a problem! Want a built-up moss logo sent to far north of Norway? Consider it done.

Bolton Sign provides various delivery options for your signage products, which are dependent on your individual requirements and the particular specification of the signage produced ie. weight and dimensions.

Don't know what sort of delivery you need? Speak to us to arrange the right service.

picture showing the various delivery options we offer, by land, sea or air

Bespoke products need bespoke packaging - we build our own crates which are adapted and custom made to securely house the signage whilst in transit. This is particularly important for transporting fragile components.

We will always ensure all materials are packed correctly and are dispatched with all necessary documentation, including installation advice and electrical guidelines. This is particularly important if the installation is being completed by a sub-contractor other than ourselves.