Artwork & Technical Drawings

Artwork & Technical Drawings

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Bolton Sign has a dedicated team of experienced graphic designers and draftsman, who will produce detailed technical drawings and 3D concept visuals based on thorough exploration of your signage design brief. This enables you to see a true representation of your completed signage system before we commence the manufacturing process.

Once the final technical drawings and visualisation of the signage project have been sent to you, it is up to you to check and approve the final design before production will commence. At this point we will be able to give an expected lead time on production and expected delivery date for your new signage.

Already got your artwork? Send it to us now to get your signage project started!

a close up of computer generated technical darwings

Sending us artwork or drawings of your bespoke signage design as soon as possible ensures that any issues can be swiftly and effectively addressed. As you would expect, an accurate set of drawings helps to ensure your project runs smoothly from the outset. It also helps for us to see your artwork as we can assess the suitability of the bespoke design based on the substrate it is being affixed to, the materials used and the budget available.

We can also advise on what won't work and make suggestions on changes to design or fixings. This can sometimes take weeks to finalise so as soon as artwork is available, send it over. We’re happy to look at concept sketches and mood boards too!

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