When should you start planning your Signage?

When should you start planning your Signage?

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The short answer? As early as possible!

At Bolton Sign, we generally work to a 4 week lead time, following approval of artwork and confirmation of order. This time scale is based on a straightforward plan of production where all involved work together in partnership.

However, we do understand that things can often change during the course of a design, construction or refurbishment project, potentially causing dramatic alterations and delays. This can simply be down to communication issues when so many parties are involved but it happens – none of us are perfect!

The team at Bolton Sign will, of course, always endeavour to meet required deadlines but maintaining the quality of our products is paramount. If we are going to need the full four weeks of production time to ensure we deliver the highest quality product, we will let the client know at the earliest opportunity.

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Whatever the issue is, there is a good chance that Bolton Sign has faced it and found a resolution to it. After all, we have been doing this for 30 years and worked with a wide variety of client types, from end-users, to designers, to main contractors and sub-contractors.

The key is ensuring that we have enough time to action it, especially if a deadline for a store opening date has been set. This is why we ask our clients to get in touch with us as early as possible, even if a retail design project is still in concept stage.

For a high street retailer, who may have spent thousands on commissioning extensive marketing and PR activities to promote their store opening, it is vital that all elements of the physical space are planned well in advance, and exterior signage is no exception.

So what are the benefits of speaking to Bolton Sign very early on in your design project?

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